2 Amazing Beds That You Will Love

As I was browsing the net this morning, I found this weird but cute beds. I want to have at least one of them (in my dreams). haha! They’re too way expensive for sure. I don’t have even a single penny for these.

This eyes-watering Burger bed is crazy! I like it but I have doubt if it’s comfortable. The man lying is so covered and I wonder if it’s too warm and heavy. This is great in cold countries though.

I think this pretty much suits me! I like the style because it’s more way comfortable than the Burger bed. You can lie flat while watching or playing. 🙂 They call this one a “Cosmovovide Bed”. Like it?

They also have this “Magnetic beds” that I forgot to copy. The bed is freakin’ cool because its hanging on the floor. If you have ideas, you can come up with your own amazing beds too. Just keep them budget friendly so everyone can enjoy the comfort!


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