I Updated When???

Checked my blog and my last post was almost a year ago? :)) Oh..my..THAT IS SO STRESSING! :))

By the way, I’d like to say “thank  you” to my 313 fans in Fanbox. I didn’t know I have such. TROLOLOlssss! oOOpss! the screen capture is blurred.

And when I did opened my account? 315 weeks ago. Raaarrrr! How many years is that? 😀

You guys could also catch me on my latest blog “Port-fo-lio ni Pun-za-lan” where you can see my arts and the likes. By the way..congratulations to Shamcey Supsup for winning the 3rd place! Honestly, of all who Filipinas who joined Ms. Universe she is the only one who caught my eyes. She is so elegant and a breath of fresh air..I must say. After I watched Ms. Universe I asked myself.. What it feels like being so damn pretty? 😀




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