Nikita Baby!

THANK GOODNESS PIRATED DVDs WERE BORN! TROLOlsss! I would like to thanked the one who invented it, without him/her, I’m still waiting miserably every Tuesdays for Nikita’s episodes. Ayt! :)) I’m now down to Season 1 and can’t wait for the Season 2 to come.

I have a thought that Alex is more good, in terms of acting, than Nikita. But Nikita is better in action scenes than Alex. Maybe because Alex is more emotional than Nikita and Nikita is more masculine than Alex. I also find Nikita not good in drama scenes. TROLOlsss! I can’t stand seeing her emotional or even in love. Her personality is so strong I can’t see love in her even if Michael and her eyes meets. I also find there kissing scene hilarious! LOL! :))

I have watched all seasons of Prison Break last summer and Nikita’s story has similarities to it. Like the black book (Nikita) and blue book (Prison Break) which both contains secrets. Both main characters also aims to turn down one person.

These kind of stories excites me the most. I would always think ..if I were on their case what will I do? Would I also do the same or not? I salute all behind these kind of TV series. They have class.

Nikita baby at my side 🙂


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