They Call Me Stacy! That’s Not My Name! That’s Not My Name! :P

Okay. It was my 25th birthday last Thursday. Thanks to my mama, she made my day. I love her so much. She gave me bag as her present. 🙂

I received greetings over Facebook. I run through their greetings and as expected they have different spelling of my nickname.

I don’t mind if they have different versions of my nickname,but, the worst is when they’ve spelled it “Potty”. It’s like “potty training” and it’s horrible! TROLOLsss! I do correct people misspelling my nickname but it’s very often. I even planned to change my nickname but it didn’t work.

I wish next time they’ll be right in spelling my nickie.. it’s. ..POTY 🙂 owright???


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