How Did I Experienced Singapore?

I did experienced well. Been equipped with new knowledge and tactics against intruders, pocket picketers, Janno Gibs, Chekwa, etc. πŸ™‚ But it was a very fun experience though. I’ve learned enough for my next visit. Uncle taxi driver once thought that I am a Singaporean and I was like “duh?” then I realized maybe it’s because Filipinos and Malays has almost the same face feature. I had fun riding MRT’s and buses but got tumbling stomach each time, I hate stopovers. I love malls in every MRT stations! I don’t feel lost, seriously. And each time I check prices of their goods I always say “ang mahaaaal”. “Ang mahal” considering their goods are just the same goods we have here in the Philippines but way cheaper than them. Now I valued and appreciated our inexpensive living in the country. I just wish we have high salaries. I also love their pollution free environment. I’ve never seen even one gas station. I wonder how they run their cars, thru battery or electricity perhaps?

In my 8 days of stay in the country, I’ve met new friends and new races. It’s hard to live in a foreign country. Good thing Filipinos are everywhere. You won’t feel alone and lonely. And good thing there’s TFC. I’m not a fan of ABS-CBN but it was one of my happy pill during my stay.

Here are some of my treasured pics:

This was taken at Sentosa with my bestfriend Roan at the right. They had this Spooktakular event wherein everyone is in their best Halloween costume. I guess we have the best costume above all? GEEZ IT’S ALL NA-TU-RAL!. =P

At Marina Bay under those huge fans. We should also have one in the Philippines. I recommend placing it around Manila areas! It’s so refreshing I can’t keep my feet and body away from it. Find me! πŸ™‚

Chilled at Starbucks Marina Bay with Elai. To walk at a distance is the biggest challenge I’ve met in Singapore. Good thing there’s Starbucks everywhere! πŸ™‚

How could I forget Merlion? The one I’ve expected to be giant Β but not? Hahaha! πŸ˜€


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