Candies for My Eyes

I constantly checking each time I’m idle. The site inspires me in spicing up my outfits each time I have to attend important gatherings and occasions. I love how contributors shows their personality and sense of fashion the simplest and overdo ways. Seriously I feel I belong. I just wish I would have the courage to post mine too. 🙂 I love fashion but obsessed with it. I still go with what I’m comfortable with and what goes with me ‘coz frankly speaking I find it funny when some people think they’re fashionable with what they’re wearing, well in fact they’re just eyesores.

Another, Gossip Girls inspire me too. They all have this glamorous style that look edgy and simple at the same time. I specifically love Serina’s style. She’s very comfortable to look at in every outfit she wears in addition to her messy hair.

But there are moments that I think over fashion is not necessary in every day life. Like for instance in our country, we are used to wear the very basic, jeans and shirt. Although fashion is every day life of Filipinos, and it’s emerging so fast, there are still numbers of Pinoys who opted to wear what they are comfortable of. Another, Filipinos are too lazy to dress up, wear pumps and spare time to look at their best. Filipinos love to see fashion shows, supermodels, what’s new, etc. , YES, but also feels awkward when they do the fashion. I am very glad teens today are exploring themselves more .

Anyway, these are the looks I grabbed from which are candies for my eyes:

I basically like the floral dress and the belt of the model.

This one for being simple, clean yet fashionable and sexy. I used to be like this. Spell C-O-M-F-T-Y. 🙂

And I love that looong skirt!


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