Dear Ex..

Dear Ex..

Our 52 months had vanished FOR-E-VER with only two SMS. Sorry, I have to came up with such decision, mind you it’s quite confusing. I have to hold on my decision ’cause I believed it will set us free, will give us ample of time to rediscover different sides of our world, and, eventually, will test us as individual. Just to let you know, I have been frustrated this past months. Frustrated with you and your one-of- a -hell attitude toward things. But please, don’t tell me I’ve dashed easily nor boxed you with my decision ‘coz I have been opened with my feelings since the very first day I felt it.

I am afraid I will not let myself trapped in your hole again ’cause I know by now you’ve already mingling with your EX-cess and you can’t still grasp the reason why I don’t want you in my life now. It’s okay with me , seriously, I don’t really mind it at all. I also can’t accept the fact that you never grow, that I came to a realization that after four years we are still standing on the same floor, we rarely move,which is OVERLY FRUSTRATING in my part. When I was 21 years old, I thought I was old enough to be in an immature relationship, so I left the one who loved me so much and find another..and that’s YOU. And now I am 25, I reflected back, my mind yelled “WTF! YOU’RE STILL IN AN IMMATURE RELATIONSHIP!”.

I don’t have any more words to say. I already talked to you and I know you know exactly the reasons to the questions that starts with “why”. I wish us good road ahead. I will not let go of our valuable moments together. I will make them my stones for a better path, I promise. I have learned so much from you, so much they are all falling into pieces right in front of my face, almost slap  me. Honestly, I’m not suffering pain. I’m just numb and very sure this is the best thing to do.

Thanks for the experiences. This video is for you..WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB.


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