Want More of Amazing and Weird Beds?

I’m seriously amazed that I’ve got numbers of traffic in my site today and most of them were looking for amazing beds. What’s with it? Oh..is it time for us to throw away our old beds and have new one? What do you think guys?

Well, I’ve searched again for beds that will amaze me and us again. And here’s what I found:

This bed is so cool because it’s red, but, I don’t think I can sleep with those bumps.

I supposed kids won’t sleep on this kind of bed. Unless, they love dinos. Rarrrr…

This is a homemade bed. Star Wars inspired one. Cool yeeeh!

A Kidsaw Digger Bed Frame. Ahuh! Now I’ve got an idea that I can customize my own bed frame. 😀

This is lovely. Fairytale like for your little barbies.

Bed of Hay. Ohhhh goodness!

Bed of grass. I’ll seriously love this! I am fine sleeping under grasses. 😉

Artistic, but, who the hell could sleep in this kind of bed!?

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Those are some of the weird and cool beds I’ve searched. I was thinking of making my own bed in the future, according to my preference and how I sleep. But for now, I’m fine with whatever bed there is in my room. 😉



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