It’s Love Month! And It’s Love21!

I’m picking up my top fave dresses and tops in Love21. Uh, Heritage 1981 is to die for also! I run through Forever21 site, I tell you their looks are so hot and eye popping!

Here’s my first pick:

CHEETAH PRINT DRESS: Not that I am so fan of Cheetah prints, it’s because I love the cut of the dress. It cuts through the mid section that give focus on the upper body down to your legs. I think it’s very sexy aside from it’s woven. The v-back is also a plus to its hotness. The cloth is very light and satiny. What could I say? “Rarrrrr!”

My second pick is RACERBACK ETHNIC PRINT TOP. This crepe chiffon top is for any skin type. The ethnic pattern is so cool and the color is very chic. Make sure to exfoliate your skin first before wearing this one so the fabric will glow along with your skin.

My third pick is CASUAL BUTTON UP TOP. And this hit my style! Boom! 🙂 I’m loving this look from top to bottom. It’s very casual and edgy. It’s like you’re sexy and descent at the same time.

I’m having nice time net window shopping. Until next! Ciao!



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