Lucy Hale in Manila,Philippines!

So, it came to my knowledge that Lucy Hale is already in Manila this morning. And upon searching how to get ticket to her “Meet and Greet” tomorrow at SMX, I found these photos that I envied sooooo much I’m gonna kill to have one! Just kidding, tehehehe! But seriously, I really wanted and dying to see her. It’s once in a lifetime! I will be frustrated if I don’t. But I guess I won’t be able to see her. But who knows? I have angels beside me, ehehehe!

I also found out that Bench released 100 tickets (50 in Facebook, 50 in Twitter) this lunch and I missed it!  So my chance of having the golden ticket is gone now? Waaaahhhh, oh noooooooo! :((

If ever I don’t see her tomorrow, I will still believe that I will see her someday! 😀

Sooo…these are the photos I found in her Twitter:

“This would be my first purchase overseas haha”

“Such a cutie!!! And her stylin necklace”


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