It’s Been A While! It’s Already March.

Hey! It’s been a while. My father was hospitalized and was operated last month. We lived in the hospital for three weeks to attend to my father. The experience was very spirit and physically exhausting, it was very traumatic. It was very exhausting because I stand as the eldest of the family and the decider. My mother cannot decide well on what to do with my father, our eldest brother was in abroad and our youngest is working. I know God tested me on being strong and high spirited. I did never lose hope, honestly. I should be strong, weakness stand no room in me.

During the critical days of my father, I experienced the mercy and grace of God. That was also the time I introduced myself to Father Pio, he was the saint outside the Internal Care Unit (ICU). I always pray to him and all the Saints in the hospital. I asked for their help in praying for my father’s strength and healing, they did not fail me. 🙂

My father survived the most critical days of his life, the brain operation and 48 hrs. under observation. No one would ever thought that my father will suffer stroke and brain bleed (at my mother’s birthday). We are supposed to have family dinner that day, my treat, but that what happened.

What happened to my father did not cause me losing faith and hope, vice versa, I regained more. I know God knows all our sufferings; He knows why that happened to my father. What happened to my father made us one family, loving and caring for each other.

It’s true that “collective prayers can move a mountain”. Just like what had happened to my father, because of collective prayers he survived. Many people prayed for him, which made me think that he is a very good person. Many people loves him, young and adult.

He is now at home, he’s actually sleeping at this time. Little by little he is regaining his strength. He is now uttering some words and can move his feet a little which is amazing!

Thank God for giving another life to my father. All the praises and worship to Him! God is always good and He is merciful. I love Him so much I know I won’t lose a single hope and will not question Him for what’s happening.

Anyway, tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. We will have small thanksgiving party at home. You’re all invited! LOL! :)))

Please pray for my father. Prayers to your homes too. 🙂



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