Contest! Contest! Contest!

I don’t know, but I have been a fan of online contest, raffle, etc. for the past two (2) days and last two (2) weeks..haha! I know for sure that those are already existing way way back and I’m a bit late to be excited..trolololols! Last two days ago I joined the raffle promo of Regatta in Twitter which has a price of body pampering set, I’m drooling over their body lotion to be honest. They actually retweeted me, hoping they would pick me, unfortunately, I wasn’t picked because they chose the winners via electronic.

Yesterday,  I joined the “Win a Lenovo ThinkPad Contest” by Lenovo, whoelse. I made sure I have flowery yet straight forward words because I want to win badly (Lenovo ThinkPad is not bad anyway) 🙂 When I am about to hit the submit button, deadline of submission popped my eyes and it says “Deadline of submission is until April 30,2012”.  My jaw dropped, “Men! IT’S ALREADY FINISHED.”  Bye bye Lenovo ThinkPad..

Anyway, I was planning to buy iPad3. I’m saving money to buy one ASAP. But I’m not mandating myself, rather, I’m pushing myself to have one. What’s the difference? There is…haha! 🙂 But I still do think notebooks and laptops are way better than iPad, it’s just that they are heavier than iPad which gives me uneasiness whenever I’ll go for a trip or work. Convenience wise, I go for iPad. 🙂 But techinically wise, I’ll go for notebooks and laptops. 🙂


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