Instagram Is Not My Photo Album! Please Welcome Me! :3


This is to inform you guys that I have been not a huge sucker fan of “Instagram“. It got a negative rating from me,  a blank star and so on for all the crappy piccies I’ve seen people posting. Twaddle piccies like “Hey! I’ve got a new expensive blah..blah..”, “Hey! I ate in this fancy restau in town.”, “Hey! I’ve been with this beyotch partying all night“, “Hey! Look at me,I’m gorgeous and you’re not.” From thereon, it got a minus rating from me. I even swear I will not downlod the app and even thought the photos there are edited so they’re basically “fake-shit”. I used to uploads my photos in Twitpic and it’s cooler than cool 🙂

Until one day, YES THE TIME CAME, I decided to download it out of curiosity 😉 Took a photo of my desktop at once and thought, “Hey! This is also a twaddle photo. God I’m so idiot“, bahaha! Forgive me, curiosity killed the cat! 🙂 So there, I explored, explored and explored. And oooooooh.. Instagram is a cool place if you’ll stay with cool people.

Changing my notion, I begun to embraced the goodness out of Instagram. I believe creators built the app to help people express themselves out of photography. It’s just that some people sees Instagram as their photo album (taking photos of themselves everyday without realizing they’ve got enough of themselves).

I’m pretty much impressed with the app because I could see photos taken by my fave celebs. It amazes me like they’re closer to me and I love eeeeeeeet! Yihiiiiii!

There, I’m now officially in Instagram with 26 photos (?). So come and follow me, morenagoddess is the name, and I’ll follow you back. Let’s share our worlds through photography!




pOtz 🙂


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