Download iPad Manual

bLack cHocoLatE

Hallu dolls & pals!

Do you know the full potential of your iPad? I know it sounds shallow, but, I know you may not know the full feature of your iPad. Do you know how to troubleshoot it in case of malfunctions? Do you know how to enjoy it aside from playing games, streaming videos and organize your documents?

iPad is not just an ordinary gadget, having no manual inserted inside its box, you have to learn on your own how to use it. The manual is pre-installed in the gadget. What if you can’t understand the technicalities, terms and the likes? Are you just going to waste your hard earned money and make it as your gaming console instead of using it in different advantageous way?

With help from super geeks, you will learn how to untapped unsearchable features of iPad. Save your time learning, searching and frustrating yourself…

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