Wow! I Want All These Stuff! Why Is It So Hard To Be a Female?

Hallu pals & dolls!

Hurray for 2103! How did you spent your holiday vacation? Did you went out-of-town or just stayed in home? Me? I did both. For the past 4 years of working in an academe, I am so blessed to be given a two-week holiday vacation each year without having deduction in no.of my leave. See, that is an advantage of working in schools and universities (no students, no work) and I’m so grateful.

Anyway, I entitled this post “Wow! I want all these stuff! Why Is It So Hard To be a Female?” because that was really circling on my mind. Calendars were already flipped out of our house but fashion will never ever be. I’m not fashion addict wearing stuff that are not really applicable in my environment, it’s just that I love seeing lovely pieces on other person’s body and think “maybe it will look great on me too!.” I am honestly trying some pieces but not way too harsh to my eyes and to others.

As I was browsing Youtube, I accidentally clicked (no accidentally, yes accidentally..whatever!) “The” link which directed me to a shopping website. The moment the webpage flashed on my face I couldn’t say any but Wow! I wan’t this necklace. Wow! I wan’t this shoes. Wow! I wan’t this top. Wow! I wan’t this bag. Wow! So beautiful!. Ahhhh, why is it so hard to be a female???” I’m not yelping because I’m a woman, I’m yelping because it is so expensive to be a woman. You know what I mean? Yes? Good. There where times I think it’s a curse (please don’t take this seriously). Even though you don’t want  to be materialistic it cannot be done especially if you’re surrounded by highly fashionable people or if you’re in a corporate world where you are mandated to wear killer hills and no baggy clothes. But still, there are overflowing reasons why I should be thankful I am a woman; let us not enumerate them :).

Anyway, the site is linking different shopping website people could visit and buy. I really love every bits and pieces of what they are selling. The products look amazing and fashionable, plus, they offer products that are hardly seen in shopping malls. Imagine the easiness of shopping in your most wanted fashion item minus the hassle. You can all have the time in choosing and picking what you really wanted without saleslady buzzing around you.

Most of the brands in are not out in malls which attracted me the most. I can see from the looks and cost of their products that they give only quality ones.

They also accept major credit cards and Paypal. May I just say, I LOVE PAYPAL!!! THANK GOD FOR PAYPAL!!! 🙂

Anyway, here are some of my top picks:

sassy pink

gabrielle top

vintage union

joyce lace up



andy boots

fancy me

2012  vintage

Actually, there’s so much more in the store than you could ever imagine. This is really time and bone aching saver. For more fashion items, visit their site at

Ooooops! Did I say I’m inlove with lace up shoes? ;P

Till next! Tatah! Tusch!




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