Why I love Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl series has already reached its end (after 6 years of ups and downs) but my heart for the show is still flowing blissfully. I honestly have separation anxiety each time my favorite TV series ends. Good thing is, I can now control my emotion.

I’d started watching the show way back 2011 (yes, I know that was very late) and wished I had watch it when it was aired way back 2006(?). The fashion, love, passion and how the characters surpasses gossips ,that were often real, took my interest in constantly watching the show and even repeating one episode to another. I adore how the show, thru the Manhattan elites, shared to the viewers that wealthy people are also human, that they can also live simple life and that no matter how extravagant and elegant their life is, they also experiencing problems and humiliations.

The late episodes of Gossip Girl was aired in the Philippines (where I live by the way) last 2 years ago. When I first saw the series I was not interested mainly because I am hooked with “Fringe” and “Prison Break”. Imagine the big difference between the story line of Fringe and Gossip Girl? Fringe is about natural science and Gossip Girl is about little elites battling from the dreadful life of being in a rich family of New York. Since I cared and love mad science, I prioritized Fringe first.


The first episode I had accidentally glimpsed on (because I was switching the channel) was when Blair Waldorf met Prince Louie in a museum. But like I said, I am hooked with Fringe and Prison Break, so, I switched the channel and ignored the scene.

After the “accidental glimpse”, another accidental scene bumped into me. I saw DVD copies of Gossip Girl from first up to third season in our house (I was thinking my brother bought it abroad). Curious, I played the Season 1.


I knew I felt something the first time I saw Serena Van der Woodsen in the screen. Not to mention Dan Humprey who is super funny but very intelligent which made him super hot. That New York Central scene is very romantic because Dan is obviously super in love with Serena.

Serena, as all fans know, is the center of the whole story. I love her because no matter how many men she slept with and how crazy she is for falling in love so fast, still, she is an icon, sexy and reputable (did I say reputable? Yes because she got her reputation back during the episodes). Remember how she can easily grab, in one snap, the minions of Blair when they had this “cat fight”? This shows that she can walk on Blair Waldorf’s pathway without a single sweat. It also shows that she is more attractive than Blair, the reason why she was tagged as the “IT GIRL”.

I also adore Serena because no matter how many intrigues and critics people put on her life, she juggled it so well. And no matter how people distracted her life and love, she still the same strong and classy Serena. And look how sweet and lovely she giggle? Ahhhh, PERFECT! 🙂

Did you notice how weird, forward and free she dresses up? Unlike Blair, who dresses up so neatly and sometimes stiff like a princess, Serena dresses up like she’s always ready to party all day and night. Don’t judge me right away, I love Blairs too, but, she is just to perfect for my standard.

Going on, what I love about her wardrobe is that every woman can channel them. Her outfit are not hard to mimic.The way she wear scarf is beautiful, plus, her bold necklaces are too-die-for. Her dresses are always detailed and curvy. The cuts are fresh and fringes are always visible.

Not to mention how lovely her voice is. She is so soft-spoken. The way she speak is so alluring there’s no way for you not to pay attention on what she is saying.

Anyway, here are photos of her that I find stunning. All photos are downloaded via Google.

Till next,

xOxO ~



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