PLL – Misery Loves Company

Hallu gals & pals!

Have you seen the Episode 16 of Prettly Little Liars? It’s fully loaded and I’m so happy how it ended(minus the streaming in Rutube, it definetly sucks!).

Anyway, here some of the conversations they had in the episode:


Emily: “This tea smells like maybe it is poisoned. Take it from me, my girlfriend and I have roofied one another dozens of times.”
Spencer: “Whatever herbal secret remedies Meredith is giving you, they’re not helping you look any less ratchet.”
Aria: “Noted. And actually, I’m just as beautiful without the flu as any other time.”
Hanna: “I brought you these DVDs of a show called Saved By The Bell. It was popular before anything was invented.”

Liars: “Isn’t there anywhere else you could be instead? Like with Ella, or maybe you could call your dad back? It just seems like this Babysitter Meredith thing is the stupidest possible plan.”
Aria: “No, because of reasons. And also Meredith is onboard with helping me figure out if my dad killed our best friend that one Labor Day weekend. If so, that would vastly outweigh the time he made me lie about him sleeping around. A psychic scar that I am still working out for myself.”



Toby: “Whatever we’re doing, I think tomorrow is too soon.”
Mona: “Spencer’s still not telling you A has been active the entire time you were in Radley? That bitch can keep a secret. One of many things I respect about her.”
Toby: “I just don’t know about all this.”
Mona: “Face front, soldier. It’s not up to me, it’s up to A+. ‘Fear cuts deeper than a sword.'”
Mona: “They need to understand that She’s in charge.”


  • It’s heartbreaking to see Spencer’s crying. She’s honestly inlove with Toby, remember she surrendered her virginity to him?  Toby have reasons, for sure, why he allied with Mona and it’s certain Spencer want to hear those reasons. It’s really hard to see her been fooled, played and betrayed by the one whom she trusted so much (I guess you will feel the same if you’d experienced the same).

  • I love the new hairstyle of Hanna and her new look too!

  • Aria is definelty beautiful even she is sick.

  • Paige and Caleb have beautiful heart, I wish they will succeed in helping out the girls.
  • Remember, Mona really wanted Spencer to be in the “Team A”.
  • As for Meredith, she’s really a psycho bitch. Mr. Montgomery is believable in his statement. I don’t think she killed Ali for some reasons.
  • Ali is using secrets of people in Rosewood to blackmail them. And I think she created this “Team A” to work for her so nobody knows she’s still alive, hiding and pulling the strings all the time.
  • Team A don’t kill PLL girls. They just threatened them.
  • As for Emily, she’s really beautiful.

So, how did you find the episode 16? Fully loaded right? The show is getting more exciting than ever. I feel like I’m in a maze looking for the way out. There are so many open holes that still needs to be connected.

Hmmm, let us see what will happen next.


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