Hello World!


Hi dolls! 🙂 It’s been months, I miss blogging! And I miss you too! 😀

♫♪ I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world. LIFE IS PLASTIC, IT’S FANTASTIC! ♫♪

Do you hear me? Yes! 🙂 Okay, one of my “brain minions” tapped me. He said “Master, it’s time to update your wordpress. Hello, earth to Poty!” Ok, ok.

Last February I attended DLSU – D Living the Legacy. We were all wearing long gowns and barong /suit for male. I wore this fancy fuchsia pink long gown; it made me look so brown.  The event lasted for like two hours or less (which I’d never minded because my tummy was screaming to death).

I’m a huge fan of events, elegant events are on top of my list.

Employees of DLSU – D and guests were all dressed up. It was fun until half hour passed we noticed there’s nothing so exciting with the event / program. Everything went so fast, we were all sitting with our lovely dresses on, speakers went up and down the stage, the food came in; the program ended.

To sum it up, we were all so disappointed. The organizers should have considered  cocktail dresses instead of instructing us to be in formal if we will be sitting all the time, right?

But at least, the food is deliciouso! 🙂

Anyway, here are the photos during the event. I did my own make up 🙂

525759_539777272729574_814905464_n 555774_539777342729567_46952589_n 559946_539777576062877_1379093300_n 602076_539778549396113_114035543_n


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