Update on Pevonia Botanica Summer Photo Contest

Hallu dolls and pals!

To give you an update on Pevonia Botanica’s “Summer Photo Contest” I had joined, given a span of four days to promote my photo, I made it to TOP 10! 😀 Amazingly yes, for me it was awesome considering I’m “three weeks” behind others.

I have three reasons why I’d joined the contest:

1. The hotel accomodation in Cebu is drooling 🙂 My mother is from Cebu, so I guess it would be a great place to stay in her town.

2. I like to try Pevonia Botanica products. I’m a die-hard fan of natural products, and I thought, coming from how the product name appealed in me, it will work great on my skin.

3. For fun! 🙂 I did not shared a very pleasing photo, I know, but that was my point 😀 I want to be genuine, I want to share simple things I’ve done with remarkable people in my life. And yes, I decided in a blink on which photo I will submit, haha!

I won asianTraveler magazine‘s latest issue which will be delivered right on my doorstep. I’m crossing my two fingers that the TOP 10 photos be published on one of the pages, LOL! 🙂

Clap, clap, clap! PROOF BELOW 🙂

pevonia botanica


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