Poty is Playing Chess.. “Occasionally”

Mas nakakakaba pa’to kesa sa paglalaro ng Volleyball. (This is more heart stomping than playing Volleyball)” , said one of my teammate during the Inter-Lasalle Sports Fest held last Saturday, May 25.

Yes, of all the sports I attended to, indeed, Chess is one hell of a game! It’s not physical, obviously, but, it gives you adrenaline rush, it exercises your brain, it keeps your heart from beating fast and it gives you A LOT of sweat!


Many would say Chess is “boring“, or perhaps, it’s “nothing” compare to Basketball, Volleyball and other sports with “ball”. Well, I would say, lucky are those who can play Chess for Chess are to those who can play alone, think alone and can contain all nervousness ALONE.

There’s team in Chess, that’s why there’s so-called “Chess team”. Its only difference with other sports team is when the player sit in front of the board, teammates cannot interfere anymore. The player cannot callย ย  for help nor speak with the team. Yes, it’s just the player and his/her tactics.

For those who are not able to feel what a chess player does feel when playing the mind game, nervous strain starts upon seeing the opponents. Heart beats 2x faster upon sitting in the chair, 4x faster when the first move was made and 6x faster when the game is already firing up. The next thing you know is you don’t want to play anymore because you’re losing strength and just want to say “I WANNA STOP! THIS GAME IS MAKING ME CRAZY” haha! But of course, the game must go on up to the last piece. NEVER SAY DIE! DEFEND THE KING! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been playing chess, “occasionally”, since high school. My love for the game started when I was 9 yrs old after watching several neighbors enjoying the board game. Intrigued, I practiced the game with my older cousins. By then, I enjoyed playing it.

Reaching College, I decided to try out in DLSU-D’s Chess team TO AVOID TAKING PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND NSTP (Community Service) subjects. I am fond of PE (ball games, dancing, exercises) and community service, but, I don’t want to take “swimming” class because it was scheduled once a week at 12:00 noon! Now, that’s horrible, hehe!

By then, we (my teammates) were called “The Woodpushers“. Don’t ask why because the answer is already there, hehe!

The saga still continues, I’m still playing against other Lasallian schools in the Philippines, once a year. Unlike before, I’m playing now for unity and fun. Nervousness and feeling of I-want-to-drag-my-heart-out is still there, but, it’s more manageable now than my younger age.

Cliche but true, “Play with the board, not with the person.”ย I don’t know if I’d still want to play next year, but, if they’ll ask me, WHY NOT? ๐Ÿ™‚

And yeah, to become GM is far from reality. That’s insane! hahahaha!



YOUR QUEEN ~~~> pOtz

ย  DLSU-D ChessMy secret weapon? SNOW BEAR CANDY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo courtesy of CAAP Arbiters

DLSU-D Chess

Photo courtesy of CAAP Arbiters


Photo courtesy of CAAP Arbiters


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