Movie2k is BACK!!! Spread the word ♥

And now I can watch movies again… FOR FREE!!!


Sorry to say this, but, I’M VERY GLAD MOVIE2K IS BACK! I’m a fan of copy movies, I don’t have issues with “copy infringement”, WHO CARES??? haha! Those producers already got there money, so, maybe it’s time for them to let go, be contented and share?

I would like to thank the administrator of the site who really fought for everybody’s right of information, hahaha! Movie2k is my lair and my library. I feel sick after finding out that the site was down.

Movie2k is very helpful to me because:

  • I rarely go to movie house nowadays because I have so much errands.
  • I don’t want to waste money, so, instead of going straight to cinemas I watch first the movie in the site to see if it’s worth spending.
  • I can view back my favorite movies and movies I didn’t get the chance to see.

I’m not excited with Man of Steel but I prefer to watch it first. Second to it is After Earth.

Anyway, I’m too much excited to function right now. Can’t wait to be home and watch! 🙂



pOtz 🙂


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