Don’t Be Stupid! I Can Draw.

Poty Punzalan, Fatima Punzalan

Aside from retouching photos, I also learned doing graphics in Adobe Photoshop. I know it’s not the right application to be used, but, it’s the comfortable application for me to create my artworks.

Browsing my Flickr photos got me a chance to recall my old pieces. I remember how I made them, from nothing to something. I used to sketch lines or shapes,then, poop!, there’s the image. I’m not saying it’s easy to make one, it’s how things work for me, except, if I’m working with a client who wants a certain design and result.

The hardest graphic for me to make is logo. I have issues with “branding”, I cannot brand, so yes, I always fail in making one. 🙂

It usually takes me 2 – 3 hours in making one, a simple one, hihi! It’s hard to create.. I say..”patience is really a virtue” and “creativity is an understatement“. But after all, I feel proud of myself because not everyone can draw, right? 🙂

What I love about Adobe Photoshop is that I can vary colors and brushes, as well as, erase unwanted designs without crapping the whole work.

If you want to try making graphics, do it everyday. You’ll be blank at first until you get frustrated, but, trust me, IT’S ALRIGHT. 🙂 Practice, try, explore and think beyond what you already know.

It’s fun!

Till next,

pOtz 🙂


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