Ring A Bell: 2 Months Wedding Preparation

My only brother and the eldest got married this June and our relatives from Davao, Cebu, Mindoro, Tondo, Tanza, Naic and Manila headed down to Cavite just to witness the union. It was crazy, our house has been full for 6 days!

Haggard moment!


I was assigned as the “Wedding Coordinator”. I did not coordinated the whole event (to give credits to the bride and groom), but, I was really been busy preparing before and during the event itself.


Given 2 months preparation (I know it sounds ridiculous), but, yes, we managed to push through the wedding with the help of Max’s Restaurant. They offer “Wedding Package“, a very convenient package for couple who have limited time to prepare.


fatima punzalan

fatima punzalan

fatima punzalan

Since we booked in Max’s Restaurant, we only took care of the rest like the dresses, invitation, flowers, church, bridal car and souvenirs. I think the whole package costed 150,000pesos for 120 people.

For the dresses, each lady were given the freedom to choose their own design. For the little girls, I designed a ballerina like dress. For the boys, to lessen the chore, we picked them ready-to-wear suits and barongs. The dresses costed 350pesos each, fabric included.


Flowers were ordered in Dangwa. The motif of the wedding is peach and pink the followers were mixed of the same with touches of  yellow and orange.

Instead of giving each guest a souvenir, we opt renting photobooth. It’s more personalize and fun.We paid 4,500pesos for a 3-hour rent.

I prepared five games:

  • Guess the picture
  • Guess the bride
  • Guess the groom
  • Pick a Flower
  • Blind date

There were glitches before and during the wedding, it’s inevitable, but I should had lessened it if I only checked the venues and service providers before the event, LESSON LEARNED. 😦


Anyway, it has been a successful-rapid wedding. CHEERS TO THE NEWLY WED! 🙂


pOtz 😉


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