Ali’s Mask

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 is getting intense, if that is the right word. I have so many frustrating rants about the show, like its making me insane thinking who A is, but I’m still buying it. There were times I think “Why these girls are not afraid? or “Can they just have a house or room with no windows so -A could not spy on them???“.

Rosewood is wire tapped city and there’s more than one -A. Don’t you notice, aside from wearing porcelain mask, -A loves peeking in windows?

Going on, I did not buy the idea that the mask they saw is Ali’s face because for me it doesn’t look like Ali. It is more of Hannah’s.


I know this observation is over due, but, if you will notice in the opening of Pretty Little Liar, Hannah made this “snob” or “agitated” face towards Aria and then Aria did the “Sshhh” sign. So, I think Hannah is the real -A or at least part of the -A team. Anyway, that is just my observation.

Pretty Little Liars is like a detective show. Every shown picture has meaning and viewers are not allowed to blink because once they do, they will miss the core of the story.


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