Have You Ever Encountered the “Wrong Mistake”?

So maybe I’m wrong, or, I’m definitely wrong with the “Ali mask” thing. I stared closely at the mask, and nevertheless,  it’s Ali’s face. Hek! 🙂 Oh dear, I don’t wanna catch the mouse anymore! 🙂

And maybe I was wrong again when I accidentally multicast my private message in the community this day. I was talking to one, insuring she will receive my message I included my name in the receiver. After tapping Tab+Enter, VIOLA, so many message boxes popped out my screen. Oh my… what have I done??? So everyone’s asking me “What?”, “What attachment?”, “Ma’am, is this for me?” “Ha?” “What’s this?”. Yeah.. things like that. I laughed real hard. I’m such an idiot.

wrong mistake

Embarrassing, but yes, I accidentally sent the message to the Deans, Chairs and to the rest of the community! Ola!  Can you imagine how many replies I have to make?

Oh.. thank God Br. Gus doesn’t have an IP messenger. Most of all, THANK GOD THE MESSAGE IS NOT ABOUT GOSSIP, hahaha! 😉



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