Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas or Filipinas?

Last week, I can’t take my eyes off a world map posted on our wall. I wish I could hop in, like a bunny, in different countries I really love like Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Netherlands and all that ends with -LAND (kidding!). In the middle of my daydreaming, I suddenly felt blessed because I was born and ย living in a very beautiful and God’s perfect creation..THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.

Why would I say that?

  • If you’ll look at the world map, Philippines is surrounded by water. Thus, we have “plenty” (I think it’s more than plenty) of natural resources, both water and land. Simple, if there’s no water there are no trees. crops, etc. In Middle East, there is a shortage of water, worst, your two hands are enough to count the trees in the dessert. In America, buildings are everywhere while trees areeee..where are they? In the Philippines, water is everywhere and floods are everywhere, haha! See like sea?
  • We have more or less 7,001 islands (depends upon if it’s low or high tide). Many are dying just to be in an island. Us Filipinos are very lucky we don’t need to spend much, or not spend at all, just to be in an island.
  • Philippines is a tropical country. God located us in a perfect axis. We don’t chill to death because there’s no winter here. Foreigners are coming over and wait till there’s no more frozen water in their country. But honestly, I wish we can experience, just for once, winter season because I really want to wear layered, furry, boots and leather clothes, hihi! ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re amazing! Could it be possible Lord, like for a day? Christmas day? I don’t want it for long, street families will die.
  • Philippines is rich in gold and other minerals. Yes, you read it right! In Southern Philippines, late Filipinos were just picking golds along the way without knowing their values.
  • So many neighbor countries are claiming that our island/s is/are theirs. For a reason that:ย THEY WANT OUR OIL.
  • We have protected sea areas like the Tubbataha Reef that was destroyed by US vessel. That reef was supposed to supply food for Filipinos in the upcoming years, BUT, IT WAS DESTROYED BY THAT STUPID VESSEL WHO IS NOT SUPPOSE TO PASS THRU THE AREA. Deym it!
  • Large percentage of Filipinos can speak and understand the international language. We only get lost in countries who don’t speak or understand English, AT ALL. May I just ask, is there an international non-verbal language? We should all enroll if there is!
  • Lastly, Philippine’s shape is very unique and intriguing. Do you notice that? ๐Ÿ™‚

I still believe, and, I have faith that the economic status of the Philippines can still be revived.

I had a small conversation with middle aged professors I know lately. They shared to me how rich Philippines was at the time of Marcos regime. Imagine this:

  • $1 = 2 pesos
  • Imported corned beef and sardines are being sold in typical sari-sari store
  • Each school in the Philippines have supplies of bread and milk every 10am
  • Filipino goes to Singapore to eat breakfast and goes to Hong Kong to shop
  • Chocolates and everything we call “imported” are just typical to Filipinos
  • There are no VISAs
  • Firearms and weapons are so advance
  • Filipinos don’t want to go in the USA because of the almost same value of money
  • Philippines is the second to Japan as the richest country in the Asia

After Ninoy Aquino died, Philippines economic died too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Could we bring back Ninoy to life please? ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing popped out my mind: “Why is this kind of economic history does not appeal in any primary, secondary or even college books or lessons?” When they can share to the new generations how rich Philippines was. By that, new generations will be more patriotic and will appreciate more of the country. They may think, as early of their age, of ways on how Philippines can be a better place again, not only for the present, but, for the future.

Look at the generation today, they prefer to waste their time in Facebook and flirting.

Hmmm.. then I answered my own question : “Government doesn’t want to share how wealthy Philippines was because they don’t want BLAME GAMES.

Of course, Filipinos are fond of blame games. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sabi nga nila.. “YAN TAYO EH!.ย  Agree? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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