The Rich, The Middle Men and The Informal Settlers


While heading back to our office, Ate Ruby (my officemate) mentioned something about Bianca Gonzale’s tweet which caught the attention and reaction of many party lists like “Anak Pawis”. The tweet goes below:


I have no idea about the issue, but, somehow I managed to easily express my thoughts and opinion about it because I can see the reason behind Bianca’s tweet. Knowing Bianca, she’s very picky and cautious with words she says. Soooo..


Isn’t it really unfair to middle men who are working so hard and honest in paying taxes to shoulder ALMOST ALL expenditures of the government? While poor ones doesn’t have to pay taxes and rich ones are not paying the right taxes? Middle men were not a given a choice whether they’d like to pay or not pay because its automatically deducted every payday.


I’ve known so many poor people, BUT, they’re striving hard. Yes, they don’t pay taxes, but at least, they working and they’re not ranting over government. THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING. They pay rent and send their children to schools.


We are not America or Europe. Our government cannot allot millions or billions of pension to people who don’t have work or don’t have house.


Please be kind to middle men like us. Our taxes is the reason why there are funds. Instead of sour graping, do yourself a favor. STAND UP FROM THAT STUPID FLOOR AND MAKE A LIVING.


I’ve heard and read stories of informal settlers who were given relocation houses by the government, but, they still go back to squatter areas. For the reason that, THEY DON’T HAVE JOB IN THE RELOCATION AREAS OR IT IS TOO FAR.  What!? They’re very lucky they were given decent houses, yet, they still want something more than that from the government. Oh-la-la.


Hindi dapat tirahan ang hindi naman tirahan. Ang hirap kasi sa kanila mas gugustuhin pa nila sa ilalim ng tulay or gilid ng ilog tumira eh pinapalipat na nga sila.

And now pro-poor wants to have a dialogue with Bianca Gonzales. Geeeeeeeeez! Here’s the link.


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