First Week of November

Everybody does have their own struggles in life. It is actually frustrating and upsetting when you think of your struggles and how you can deal with them especially when you came to the point that you’re loosing your grip. Why am I blogging this? Because I am also in melancholy state, not to mention, I am this situation for almost two years. Yes, it’s been two years and I am still holding and looking after my breath.

Financial freedom it is. I would really love to loose my knuckles in an instant. Mind you, I had already tried so many financial solutions but it seems like they are not really working in me. Until I remember the quotable quote “If you want something, work hard for it.” True, financial freedom cannot be possibly done overnight. I have to work hard for it, I have to be focus on my goals. I cannot simply tell people what I dream but I should show them what I had dreamt. No more pipelines, please!

I guess what’s really amazing about me is that I am not easily down. As long as I’m seeing new opportunities to financial freedom I’m trying them out. I always remind myself that I am not a failure, that there is something reserved for me that I just have to discover. And that I think is where I am going. 😄


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