Yolanda. Oh Yolanda!

November 13, 2013 – Five days after super typhoon Yolanda landed in our land, five days after it wrecked our land, five days..

I have cousins who are living in Tacloban, Leyte Philippines. Few days before Yolanda hit the province, my cousin, Christopher, is posting photos of him and his everyday adventure in the land. I can see from his post that he is enjoying his vacation. I could also see from his post that the land is very simple, calm and down-to-earth until November 8, 2013 marked the calendar, until that day. Now, I can’t see any traces of the land that my cousin used to post and love. The land that he is proud of is now none other than land full of devastated houses, dead, looters, crying people and hopeless. Each time I watch the news, I can’t keep my heart from palpitating fast and my mind from thinking about my cousins. Are they fine? Did they packed and lived their house before November 8? Are their pigs fine too? Do they have something to eat? To wear? Where are they? What can I do to help them? It’s crazy to think and to redirect when you’re already thinking. I have this huge hope that they are in good condition firstly because my cousin’s husband is a Police Officer and secondly, because I know God is good all the time. But our whole family is agitated until now because we don’t have any news from them yet. When you’re in this situation, especially if you really love the person, you will be very helpless.

It breaks my heart that this is happening to us, not mention the recent earthquakes. I know God made all things on heaven and Earth, therefore, He also created Yolanda and other phenomena. I always have this thinking that all God’s creations are perfect and all God’s creations are blessings. The reason Yolanda landed in our country is a reason we and I must accept because it is from God and we can’t do anything about it but to keep our self intact, our faith intense and accept things. Acceptance, especially to those who lose their love ones will be very hard, but, I know God has purpose and God can see all our sufferings and that we will be blessed because of it.

News everywhere is overwhelming. I was surfing the net when this article shared in Facebook appeared before me with a title “Is Hainan Man-made?“. Hainan is the international name of Yolanda by the way. I watched the video and the presentor did a very clear explanation of why he is claiming Yolanda/Hainan is a man-made. Based upon his explanations and proof, he has point. I just can’t bear the thought that USA once said that they are planning to own the weather by 2015. I will post the link here once I searched it again.

I just don’t know. No matter how devastated Filipinos are, we can still manage to stand up strong. And in all God’s grace, different countries are helping us to build our lives again. In fact, most of us Filipinos dropped our Christmas party so we could donate the fund to our fellow Filipinos. The huge amount of money countries like UK, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UAE, China and USA dispense and donated to the Philippines is jaw dropping and a very big help to Filipinos victim of Yolanda. Without these countries it will be another decade before we can regain what was destroyed from us. It is very heartwarming that all together these countries around the world turned into ONE to help Philippines. This falls into one conclusion, that WE ARE ALL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD WHO CREATED US REGARDLESS OF OUR RACE, COLOR OR BELIEFS.

935562_10201467812155649_297735778_n 1471761_537101526382321_494199468_nThis photo was taken in Facebook. US troops are getting ready to help the Philippines.

There are also conversations boiling in social networking sites about politicians might pickpocket the donations received. For the love of God I have a very strong feeling that it will never happen. Filipinos today are already open minded, curious, fierce and well connected and I’m sure everything will be in black and white. Filipino should not skip nor blink in times like this. Filipinos should guard what’s going in and out and most specifically if what was due to the victims was given to them, in WHOLE. We cannot accept another corruption in our country because there are already so much of them since ancient history. It is time to change the game. Philippines deserves a clean change because our country loves us, we must give the love back in return.

God bless Philippines! God bless those countries who whole-hardheartedly helping us and supporting us! God bless us all!

For my cousins, wherever you are, I know you are all safe. Don’t give up, lift your faith higher.


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