Thank God My Cousins Are Alive! Yolanda Story

Truly, God is good all the time! My cousin and her daughter arrived this afternoon in Cavite, safe but traumatized after typhoon Yolanda attacked. Christopher and our niece is still in Tacloban because it is really hard to have a free ride going back to Manila. There are thousands of people who would like to go in Manila but only 40 passengers are allowed to fly in the C130.

Hearing her story is very overwhelming, heart breaking and melting. She described Tacloban as “Dead City”. She described how people died, how tsunami drowned them and how they survived. During Yolanda devastation, she knew she is ready to die but not her daughter,so, she kept her faith and fought for their lives. Everyone’s in chaotic condition and there are still places not televise but are also in dead situation.

May I ask all of you to please continue praying and helping the victims for this situation is not a joke. It is not a simple tragedy but a very serious one. No wonder why there are lot of countries who are sending their help in the Philippines because they know that it is not just one dead city but almost all the town of Eastern Visayas.


I dedicate this praise song to all people in Eastern Visayas, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY:


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