Filipino Inventors and their Inventions

First of all, the word “salute” is not enough to praise our very own Filipino inventors whose inventions are always rejected by the government because of their own agenda or for whatever reasons they have. I am deeply applaud not only because they are highly intellect but also because of their love for the country.

Here are some of the Filipino inventions and the inventors:

1. Karaoke: Invented in 1975 by Roberto del Rosario. Who thought that Karaoke is invented by a Filipino in which it is popular in Japan?

2. Medical Incubator: Invented in 1941 by Fe del Mundo. Hands down to her. She is the first Asian who studied in Harvard school of medicine and because of her invention many lives were saved.

3. Moon Buggy: Invented in 1968 by Eduardo San Juan. He was the project leader for NASA in the buggy development: This project allowed greater exploration of the Moon.

4. Erythromycin: Invented (Discovered) by Dr. Abelardo Aguilar in 1949. He sent a sample to Eli Lilly who stole the idea and patented it.

5. Yoyo: Invented as hunting weapon of ancient Filipinos in time of Ferdinand Magellan.

6. Video Phone: Invented by Gregorio Zara in 1955 and yet we are not patronizing our locally made video phones. 🙂

7. Computer Microchips: Many types were invented by Diosdado Banatao, beginning with the world’s first 16-bit chip in 1972. This led to the development of GUI or Graphic User Interface.

8. Isolated Rice Breeds: Dr. Rodolfo Aquino isolated nine specific breeds of rice for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). His discoveries helped prevent famine in much of Asia, and were nearly solely responsible for Thailand and Vietnam becoming the world’s leading rice producers.

9. Drug Detection: Dr. Enrique Ostrea developed the method for detecting drug use by pregnant females by detecting traces in the baby’s stools. His method is used by doctors worldwide in diagnosing drug dependency in infants.

10. Jeepney: Yes, only in the Philippines!

11. Patis: Invented by Tantay Food and Sauces. We used to say that Vietnam and Thailand fish sauce are absolutely delicious delicious that in the Philippines but common it is originally from us!

12. Quink Fountain Pen Ink Francisco Quisumbing is a Filipino chemist known for being the inventor of Quink ink used by The Parker Pen Company. He has been part of the fountain pens development. He also planned to organize the Philippine Ink Corporation under the Japanese Reparations Program because of too much government intervention it did not pursued.


2BIG POWER or LED Lamp Portable DC Generator Invented by Stevenson “Steve” Rejuso. The invention generates electricity and enables to light (3-4 days) its LED bulb using water (dirty, clean, buko juice, seawater, etc.) as a fuel.

Tubig-Power Machine – Also invented by Stevenson “Steve” Rejuso, same as 2BIG POWER it can light flashlight, can charge batteries and can even light a village for two (2) weeks using water as fuel. Many foreign countries offered him for the invention but he refused because he wanted the Filipinos to first experience his inventions.’

Ironmate Invented by Sir Rodolfo B. Biescas, Sr. in belief that “Necessity is not the Mother of all inventions” because there are inventions that are not necessity like those that causes destruction. Due to his love for Filipinos, he invented this cost-cutter device which automatically shuts off the electrical flow towards the flat iron when the iron is rested or not in use without losing the heat energy. This invention can cut the electricity consumption up tot 53%.



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