Good News in the Philippines!

Philippines has gotten real insane! Okay, I am ranting over this because I am a consumer. To think that my salary cannot cover all our expenses at home I couldn’t help but air my sentiments here, in my Twitter and in my Facebook. I am not like “exaggerated mad” but these news are really pissing me off.


The last time I remember our LPG  cost us 520pesos. Then it rolled up to 700 pesos and now it rolled up again to almost 900 pesos!? While one tank cannot last more than two months. The reason behind this is because of the tight global supply and the demand in Europe because it’s already winter. Okay, so why are we always have to suffer like this? Is it because we don’t have winter in the Philippines that’s why we are least from the list of priorities?

lpgPhoto courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer


Wow! As in WOOOOW!!!! It means that a household who uses 300kwh of electricity every month will have an additional 743 pesos in their electric bill. Imagine slashing that 743 pesos on your tight budget. I know 743 pesos means a lot to Filipinos because it can be used to buy foods as consumption for 3-4 days, it can be used to pay tuition fee and it can be used for other necessities.

I really can’t imagine what is our electric bill next month because we have two desktop, internet connection, television, refrigerator and 3 electric fans running altogether everyday at home! Whew!

THIRD: Dalawang pisong dagdag pasahe, ihihirit ng mga transport group sa LTFRB.

Hehehe! I know transport groups are also consumers like us. They are also working and affected by price hikes. But come on! Can’t they just shut up their mouth and rest for awhile? After all, they are earning double or triple of what a regular employee is earning per day. And to think they are not being deducted with TAX!!! Oh pleaaase…

Filipinos are getting hard to fellow Filipinos. I pray one day that the hearts of these wealthy people in the Philippines be opened and be generous enough to share what they had dug from the consumers many years ago. Meralco has been very corrupt all throughout their service. Why? Because Philippines is the number 1 who has highest electric fee in Asia. I will give that AWESOME CREDIT to MERALCO! Applause!!!

P.S: Meralco, how can you tag “MAY LIWANAG ANG BUHAY” if your price hike will cause electric cut to many households?


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