I dreamed of Pope(s)

Two months ago I dreamed of the end of the world. In my dream, I was standing in a coastline when suddenly the sky became dark. After a while, I seen the roads cracking and tsunami hit the grounds. I seen ship brought by the tsunami ruined the coastline. I can see people running away and screaming “It’s the end of world!”. I was really terrified remembering my family and love ones in Cavite. I can’t believe it is really the end of the world. I immediately called to warn them but they are not answering the phone. I run away saying to myself “Good thing I’m living in Cavite.”. Then I woke up.


 Two weeks ago I dreamed of so many Popes. I was in a gathering then suddenly Popes in white are coming my way. I was so scared because I know they are looking at me. They kept on coming so I decided to leave. When I’m about to leave, one of the Popes called me and said “Where are you going? We will pray.” . I remember that the gathering is all about the nun who passed away.  I am so scared I climbed down the stairs bare footed.


When I attended our Faculty/Staff Recollection last December 5, one of our professors said she already dreamed of Yolanda but she didn’t know what to do and how to interpret it until the super typhoon came in Eastern Visayas. I was stunned when I heard her because I remember what I dreamed two months ago. I was like “Oh God! I also dreamed of Yolanda and I just ignored it!”. What happened in Tacloban, Leyte is the same scenario I had seen in my dream.  I honestly ignored my dream because I don’t want it to happen and of course it’s not my thing to interpret. I don’t want to shout to the world “People! I dreamed of the end of the world!” LOL!

And now my dream about the Popes and the nun. I know there is only one Pope so maybe the other white “Popes” are “Cardinals”? I keep on searching for the interpretation of my dream over the internet. All of them somewhat falls into one meaning “religious beliefs” which I am not satisfied because my spiritual status is not wavering as of this moment. I want to know who is the nun who passed away and why one of the Pope/Cardinal called me of all the people and say “We will pray.“. Ironically, I am not afraid of churchmen wearing white ,but, why is it I am afraid of them in my dream? Like they are zombies looking for me.

If you could interpret my dream, please let me know. I really need answers right now.


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  1. […] Before I heard the good news, I already dreamed of the Pope, Cardinals and a sister who died. I honestly did not know what is the meaning of my dream and I eagerly wanted to know who that sister was. And most importantly, why did the Pope run after me and said “Why are you leaving? We will pray.” Goosebumps, yes, now I know the meaning of my dream. Pope Francis visited the Philippines, there were Cardinals and the sister who died that we should pray for is Kristel Padasas. You could check out my entry here. […]

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