Amusement Park: Starcity

Hello guys! It’s been a while. Last year was a blast for me. Of course, there’s nothing new, mine is still an upside down. But everything’s alright because I still have faith that there’s a rainbow with pot of gold after the rain 🙂 Cliché but true.

We are all starting our new year-new life. Thanks God ’cause I don’t feel that I’ll be harassed this year. I can feel the blessings coming my way. YES! I always say “I’m broke but I’m blessed.” Indeed. Not only in material but also in love and spiritual. Truly, if you believe you will receive. And nothing beats the power of PRAYER.

Thank you Lord!

And, there’s no better way of ending 2013 but to go in Starcity! Yey! Had fun with my cousins, nephew and nieces.

IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4917 IMG_4915 IMG_4905 IMG_4887 IMG_4843

We’ve scored the 9 tickets for 1,500 only! 🙂 The real cost of ticket is 350 pesos for ride-all-you-can. And we managed to lessen it into half 😀

You know, in times like this all you need is a little charm and connection 😉


pOtz 🙂


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