Since Pope Francis Came in the Philippines: Small and Big Miracles in My Life

Renewed faith. Renewed love. Renewed personality.

Things that were changed in me since Pope Francis came in the Philippines. Why do I say this? Because since he came I am seeing to it that I will follow his messages by heart. Mercy and compassion. Love and family.

Since the year started, I have been facing severe financial difficulty. I have borrowed money which is hard for me to settle. I have opportunities to travel abroad but I do not have money. Money, it is always money. Till the day Pope Francis came in the country, I was enlightened. I begin to pray for my intentions. I had faith in my faith. Truly enough, God is answering, one by one, my intentions.

Loaned money. I had a business partnership with someone last December. We had an agreement that I will deliver fruits to her but I will add interest in each boxes. We also had an agreement that she will pay the whole price after new year. I informed her that the money I used to purchase fruits are borrowed so she really have to pay me on time. The delivered fruits costed 60,000 pesos. After new year, she gave 40,000 pesos and said she will pay the balance after one or two weeks. There are still unsold boxes of fruits so I said okay. Since I just borrowed the money, I have to give it back immediately. I kept on praying to God to send me someone who could help, then, He gave me an answer. I spoke to one of my friend and asked him to lend me money which I will return after two weeks. Without any second thought, my friend hand me the cash. Thanks God! Two weeks came but my business partner is still unpaid,so,  I asked for a week extension to my friend. Generous enough, my friend said yes. After a week, my business partner is still not paying me. So again, I asked my friend if he could wait for me until the day I can return the money to him. I informed him of my situation and he said “Yes. That is just a small amount of money.” I got teary eyes because God is helping me to get through this. He is always blessing me with generous people. So, I am praying to God to send someone who could also help my business partner. I cannot afford to be mad at her even though I know my name and reputation is at stake. My friend is not forcing me to pay him so why will I force someone who has the same situation like me? It is like hypocrisy , so, I am lifting these all to God.

In everyday reading and praying, I have learned to pray for those who cannot pay you. Pray that God may be able to send them someone who could also help them. Pray to God to forgive their wrong usage of money. Pray.

Travel abroad. My plan before going to Canada is to have at least one tour in Asian countries. Answered prayer, my boss gave me her slot for Hongkong tour. I was really amazed on how God reveal His surprises. Another, my office mate would like to go in South Korea and she wants me to come with her. I said yes but I can only afford the air ticket and hotel since I am really on a tight budget. Since it is South Korea, we need to secure a visit visa. One of the requirements to get Korean visit visa is a bank certificate. I know that I will not be able to get bank certificate because there is nothing left in my savings account, but, I did not lose faith, God will help me. Two days before the deadline of submission of requirements, I am starting to lose the possibility of someone will help me, so,  I informed my office mate that I will not be able to push thru the South Korea dream. She did not agreed because she really wants me to go with her. As a result, he transferred funds to my savings account; now I have a bank certificate. Thanks be to God!

What is my point? When I only have 20 pesos left in my wallet and I need to reload to text Em so she could fetch me, Smart Telecommunication is down. I have last option, to text Em through computer but there is no computer shop around where I am. As I am walking, I am praying to God to let me find a computer shop because I will not be able to go home with 20 pesos. I pray, I kept on praying even though I know it is impossible. Then, a signage “Internet Shop this way” appeared before my eyes, there, I’m answered prayer! 

When Em and her family is in need of money and she has nothing to spit out, I told her to pray. She prayed. After few days she found out that she have money in her savings account. She honestly did not know where it came from because she is not depositing money in her account aside from the payment of their car. She withdrew it and gave most of the half to her parents. Miracle? Indeed.

The point is, never forget to talk to God through prayer. If you distrust Him, He will not look kindly unto you. Remember to have faith in your faith. Pray for those who are persecuting you, pray for those moments evil is present, pray for wisdom thru Christ’s teachings. Pray and love. Have compassion to those who are in need and to those who are filled with darkness of confusion; God will look unto you with compassion.

Love and pray. Mercy and compassion.



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