Travel Diary: Hong Kong in February

One fine morning while sipping my hot coffee, my head asked me “Would you like to go in Hong Kong?”

You already know the answer, right?

Save the date, February 24-28, 2015. I was praying for this, good Lord!

First of all, Hong Kong is consist of four islands. I guess it is the reason why they have a very organize transportation system. People can travel via ferry, train, subway or bridge.

Hong Kong Island


HOTEL: Eaton Hotel

We checked in at Eaton Hotel located at Kowloon. The hotel is nice, it is not grand but it is nice, clean and very accessible. The room is well enough for three person. The bathroom is spacious with shower and bathtub. And yes, there is a free WI-FI in each room.

SavedPicture (19)

The buffet restaurant offered same yummy menu each day, so, I do not have much of a choice but to eat croissant, butter, hush brown, bacon, yogurt and melon each of every morning.




I guess February is quite the rainy season in Hong Kong because of our four day stay in the country we always had gloomy weather.


On our first night in Hong Kong, we went to this side street market and restaurant near Jordan Street. There, we had our first Cantonese meal for 105HKD.

They also offer fresh seafoods
SavedPicture (18)
I love oyster sauce!




We went in the Avenue of the Stars where I’ve seen this infamous tourist background (the buildings of Hong Kong Island) and I went happy. The weather is quite cold, so, a fine jacket did the cover. From the Avenue, we ride in a bus going to ferry station so we could transfer to Hong Kong Island.


The foggy site
Entrance to ferry
Entrance to Hong Kong Museum



In Hong Kong Island is the Hong Kong Museum. It was my first time to see a museum full of people of all ages. It was really fun seeing people having fun. I mean, it is really rare in the Philippines to see people going to museum and appreciate their ancestors art and culture.

SavedPicture (16)
One of the activities in the museum is to write anything you want in the canvass.
It is true.


Paintings exhibited in the alley.


After visiting Hong Kong Museum, we went to “The Peak” thru Peak Tramp (train) which is already 100 years old (imagine that!). The way up is elevated and pressured. The Peak, from its name, is the highest mountain in the whole country where you could have a visible view of whole Hong Kong. Aside from the view, people could also visit the wax museum and have some shopping.

The Peak Tramp

You can go shopping at the peak as it has different grocery stores and boutiques for tourists. I do not have a photo above because it has been foggy in our entire stay.

Outside of The Peak


We had our lunch at Bubba Gump at the peak. It’s a cozy restaurant located at the rear end of the mountain. They have big window glasses for viewing what’s under the restaurant.

SavedPicture (15)
At the entrance of Bubba Gump
There’s the window glasses
My dish! 🙂



The following day we went to Ocean Park. All of us were covered up thinking the weather will be so cold. Sadly, it wasn’t because it was extremely humid and hot. I was told that Ocean Park is  not like Philippines’s Ocean Park because it is basically a ride park beside an ocean and not really a big aquarium under the sea. And not to my surprise, yes it is true. There is Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, name it, Ocean Park have it. It is mind boggling how people of Hong Kong made mountain into a ride park.

SavedPicture (9)
Roller coaster ride

The fun part is riding the cable car. There are two sides of Ocean Park located on two different sides of the mountain. For you to be able to go to the other side you can ride in cable car or in a train. So for us, we ride in a cable car.

SavedPicture (12)
Cable cars to take you to the other side of Ocean Park


I got a little bit of scared when I rode in the cable car, but, I felt relieved after seeing how beautiful the scenery is.

SavedPicture (11)

SavedPicture (14)


The gang!

On the other side is the Dolphin and Sea lion show, we managed to watched it on time.

Hundreds of seats still available before the show begin.
Wear off my outer blouse to ease the hot weather


With the figured image of Ocean Park



We ate in this restaurant (sorry, I forgot the name), which made my jaw dropped because of the price of each menu. I ordered Baked Salmon for 165HKD which when converted to peso is 1,031.25PHP (ok, that’s a huge money for a baked salmon, I know).

SavedPicture (13)



We get to see a full view of Hong Kong when we ride in the Ocean Park Tower. The view is so amazing and beautiful, I swear! We also visited Ocean Theater where we watched sea lion and dolphin shows, Panda Village where we have seen this cute and adorable panda, Grand Aquarium where we have seen different kind of undersea creatures and many more. Aside from that, there are also thrilling rides in the park, but, I was not able to have a try because I was with older age company and the heat is energy exhausting.




On our fourth day in Hong Kong we went to Disneyland.We took MTR (train) going to Sunny Bay where Disneyland lies.


It was really cold in Disneyland, I was just wearing a 30 denier stockings and my legs felt cold. It was majestic inside, same as what you could see in Disney movies. It was actually like you are inside a Disney movie. People are everywhere. It is a huge place, but, Ocean Park is a lot more with a size of a whole mountain flattened to become a ride park.

SavedPicture (3)
Majestic stairs to the entrance
SavedPicture (6)
The infamous Disneyland arch

SavedPicture (8)


SavedPicture (2)
Dolls representing different countries could be found inside. They are so adorable!


Because everyone has their own shot in this site



Dreams do come true! I love you Stitch!


But before we went inside Disneyland, we did a side trip to Tung Chung where we had seen factory outlets of different branded products like Levi’s, Lacoste, Swiss K, Nike, Adidas and so much more. Now I know why many celebrities in the Philippines loves to shop in Hong Kong, it is because all of the branded products are marked down to 50%-80%.



Ok, so we ate in this Spaceland restaurant which serves Mickey Mouse shaped rice and also in Lion King inspired restaurant. Food in Disneyland is cheaper than Ocean Park, but, the souvenirs are lot more expensive.




In the evening we got to watched the light show. It was ridiculous because honestly I did not enjoyed the show. Yes, the buildings were lighted, there were dancing laser beams on top of those tallest buildings. I didn’t even know that the show already started and that it was already in the middle part. And I know I am not the only the one unappreciated the show because all of the tourists and locals watching that night left the place with blank faces. The fog must be blamed!

SavedPicture (5)

We did not do anything on our last day, we only did our last minute shopping. The chocolates are cheap so I grabbed a dozen packs, couple of aloe vera soothing gel and some facial mask from Tony Moly. We also went to night market in Mongkok, but, the products are same as what I could see in Divisoria, so, I just bought cotton “I ♥ HK” shirts I bargained for 12HKD each. And also, what I love about the country is that when you go outside of your hotel there are already row of stores and restaurants in every street.


In totality, Hong Kong amazed me when it comes to their transportation management. The downside is, I think Hong Kong people should practice more of hospitality because in my five days of stay in the place I had only seen one person who smiled at me and that was the housekeeper of Eaton Hotel. And I also notice that they have this attitude of banging plates with food on it when serving to their customer. And I tell you, they are always busy and always in a hurry. So, maybe they should learn how to smile and be gentle?

Lastly, their airport is huge it’s like you are inside a mall. I mean, an airport inside a mall because there are so many boutiques inside so you need not to worry if you was not able to finish your shopping in the city.

And before I forgot, Hong Kong is very expensive that I should have known. 🙂

Till next,



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