Zoey’s (Shih Tzu) 1st Birthday Celebration

Zoey is my beloved Shih Tzu whom I have since she was born. Her mother, Pearly, gave birth to her and her four siblings two years ago inside my room that is why they are so sentimental to me.

How do I define her? She is the closest thing to being my child. Feeling a princess is an understatement, she is beyond that. Many times she gets jealous to other dogs. She can be very selfish, what is hers is hers no need to repeat that. But as a fur parent to her, I do not tolerate her attitude. I scold her to tame her down, I speak to her in a loud voice so she knows when she is beyond her attitude, and I sometimes do not give her want she wants so she knows who’s the authority.

But honestly, above all her unwanted behavior she is one sweet cupcake in the inside. I know she gets jealous because she loves me. I know she doesn’t want anyone near me because she thinks I’m her mom. We have this connection with each other. She knows it when I’m sad and frustrated she will just sneak around me. She knows when I miss her and just want to play with her. She also knows when I’m eating good food because she is barking out loud to get some. She also knew when I’m angry at her for she will just stare down the floor or hide under our sofa. She protects from mice and cockroaches. Lastly, she knows that I’m coming home because she can smell me half-kilometer away from the door.

All of this is because it is her birthday! For my first child, Zoey, happy birthday to you! I hope you like your birthday cake. I love you, always!

How about you? How are you celebrating you Shih Tzu’s birthdays?



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