Zoey’s (Shih Tzu) 1st Birthday Celebration

Zoey is my beloved shih tzu and I have her since she was born. Her mother (Pearly) gave birth to her and her four siblings two years ago inside my room.

Zoey is a very cute and lovely shih tzu. She has been my princess and baby ever since. We already established connection with each other. She knew when I’m angry at her she will just stare down the floor or hide under our sofa. She knew when I’m not feeling well  she will immediately jump and lay beside me. She knew when I’m coming she’s jumping and non-stop barking in front of our door.

And because she has been a very good baby, my cousin and I prepared/baked something for her on her 1st birthday. It was a pink sassy tower cake plus some side goodies.

How about you? How are you celebrating you shih tzu’s birthdays?



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