Learning Multiple Languages- FAIL!

French language is my newly addiction. The language, in my own opinion, is very romantic, melodious and enchanting. I already knew the starter pack of French language like Bonjour, Merci Beaucoup,Excusez-moi, Madamemoselle and Monsieur.

But, I started engaging into French language (the serious way) after watching “Blue is the Warmest Color“. Since then I watched YouTube tutorials and even downloaded French songs (children and love songs) with English subtitles so I can understand the meaning of a word.

When I wanted to learn a language I find it is easier when I’m listening to a local music with English subtitles. Most of the time I look up to alphabet songs and children rhymes because they are the basics. I always have 30 minutes of watching time everyday for my downloaded songs and tutorials. That’s what I always do and it works perfectly to me.

While I’m learning slowly, I filmed myself impromptu to check if I already learned something. The result, SCRAMBLED MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! 🙂

Please watch the video below and let me know if you are also learning new languages and what’s your status right now. Thanks!



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