When You Call Your Tomboy Shih Tzu

Dyesebel is one of our Shih Tzus at home and she’s siblings with Zoey. Using iPhone’s slow-mo feature, I filmed her while running. The film showed how slender and strong her body is as opposed to when she was born (she was born with weak legs).

Since the title of this blog is “Tomboy Shih Tzu”, I always think she’s a tomboy type of dog (if the dog world has such category) because of her built, her voice, and the way she clings on other female Shih Tzus. I recently found out that dogs and cats can be homosexual too, and that they do belong to this homosexual troll. When I learned about this fact I felt so validated at last! That homosexuality does not only exists to human beings but also to animals like dogs.

Do you own lesbian cats or dogs too? Share your story!




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