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Oh my, that is so messy!  Snack time!!! FUN FACT ABOUT ME:  I LOVE BAKING! Absolutely, aside from watching TV series, playing MMORPG and reading books, I am passionate about baking. When I was young, about the age of nine, I already dreamed of owning a 9-storey high bakery! Funny, huh? There’s something about bread/pastries/cakes that […]

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day! What Kind of Chocolate is Right For Your Personality

Chocolates for Valentine’s day is very traditional but who doesn’t like and love giving and accepting one? No one.

Personally, I prefer eating bitter sweet chocolate because it doesn’t give me toothache and it also suits my personality- strong but sweet.

Because I love eating chocolates, I came up with this observation about what kind of chocolates a certain type of a person loves to eat:

WHITE CHOCOLATE – For the record, white chocolate is not really a chocolate because it came from cocoa butter and vanilla but it was considered as chocolate to avoid argument. A person who loves white chocolate is a simple person who just want plain things.

MILK CHOCOLATE- A person who loves eating milk chocolate is a kind of person who’s fun, kid at heart and very cheerful.

CHOCOLATE with MIXED NUTS/FRUITS- A person who loves to eat this kind of chocolate is adventurous, energetic and loves being occupied.

AGAIN, these are just my observation and my own opinion.

Anyway, if you want to spare the usual Ferrero, Hershey’s and Cadbury gift giving, you may try to look for the following chocolates below. You may buy them online.

Van d’Or Vollmich comes with different flavors which are all heaven!

My first pick 🙂

Fin Carre (Milk Chocolate). I’m addicted to this! Yum! Yum!

Schogetten (Bitter Chocolate). This is one of my favorite bitter chocolate. I can’t get enough 🙂

The bottomline is, whatever kind of chocolate you will choose to give make sure to identify first the type of person of the one you will be giving it to. Soon enough you will master the art of chocolate giving.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!