Ano Ba Yung Havaianas? Hindi Ba Tsinelas Lang Iyon?

This is an off-the-day topic because it is apparently Valentines Day, haha! 

But, I really like to post  this question my brother asked me when he was in Brazil- “Ano ba yung Havaianas? Hindi ba tsinelas lang iyon?(What is Havaianas? It is just a pair of slippers, right?) . I don’t know why he asked that. Maybe he got intrigued at the moment he saw people crazy buying Havaianas OR maybe he cannot see its difference from the regular slippers he could buy in just $2.50 or less. I don’t know..


HAVS as the “susyal” people call it. My brother slap me back to reality. Ano nga ba ang Havaianas? Ano nga ba ang pinagkaiba nito sa ibang tsinelas? Bakit ang daming tao sa Pilipinas ang gusto magkaroon nito?

I have only two pairs of Havaianas in my 27 years of existence on Earth. I even does not know how to spell it.

When I was younger, I am amazed with people who can purchase their own original Havaianas. From the fact that I really does not know the difference between the original and the imitation one, I was contented with Philippine made slippers like Islander and Planet which I already find, back then, as expensive but in good quality.

There were a time when I was in college when Havaianas really hit the market and selling like pancakes. That was also the time when imitation of Havaianas tripled in Divisoria, Baclaran and tyanggian. Suddenly, even low profile people are wearing Havaianas but sadly they are the fake ones.

#SocialClimberProducts trended in Twitter

Funny it is I always think when someone with good feet is wearing Havaianas, then, the pair is original and the person wearing it is “susyal”. Which after that I will think that maybe that person has nothing for food after buying a pair so I will call him/her as “social climber”.

I am not judgmental but that how society goes. Filipinos tend to spend their money buying luxurious things just to belong in the group of high profile people. Especially now that there is social media where everyone could see and be updated with everyone’s life, buying expensive things and showing it to all is becoming a MUST and not  a NEED. The incoming behaviour of Filipinos toward this kind of matter is like a cancer, it rapidly grows and no one knows when it will get its price.

Luckily, I am not really an avid fan of Havaianas. Admittedly, their flip flops are really in good quality. Kung baga, SULIT!

Going back to Havaianas..




Rain Makes Me Do Online Window Shopping

Just because it is raining doesn’t mean I will keep my butt on our couch.


Aside from a mother who gave me a dozen of JCO donut and Sir Bido who gave me M&M’s crispies, I feel weird today. Have you ever encountered “nausea”? It keeps on going, rolling and balling inside me. Deep sigh, I don’t like it, like I HATE IT. ;(

So instead of bumming, I found a way where I could chill a bit and it’s via ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING! I found this website, OASAP, where fashionistas (even not) could find really fashionable items (for both men and women). Everyone could score something very nice according to their budget. Shoppers should stand-by for sale items because they really drop prices. Plus, the site ships WORLDWIDE and it’s very cool!

So, here are two of bliss outfits I found in OASAP and will approve to wear:

14775_610997685601615_1130637569_nThis look is very laid back that’s why I love it!

1044868_610999855601398_1765760861_nThe main highlight in this outfit for me is the skull wrist watch. I LOVE SKULLS! 🙂


All these could be bought at OASAP.