Pale Fire: Nikita Season 2 Episode 11

This was the last included episode of Nikita in the pirated dvd that I bought two weeks ago. I was sooo frustrated the episode ‘swas cut in Nikita running inside the mansion trying to steal Semax’s black box. I was already on the peek of excitement and that what happened (just like what happened to Pretty Little Liars 2 pirated dvd). But I still love pirated dvd’s though, tehehehe! They make my life more easier, I hate waiting. On the contrary, I think I need to release again my inner patience because here I am still  waiting for the next episodes to come up in torrent sites and that’s not cool and fair at all, at least for me.  It takes long time to download one episode, just one episode, urrrgh.  But I still hoped “pirates” (or manufacturers) could zip full season 2 in one dvd to make my life less miserable, ehehehe! Or, dvd manufacturers could come up with high gigabyte dvd’s, that’s more cool right?

Anyway, for those of you who are not aware of what am I talking about, well, Nikita is an agent who once lost her road and found it again through Division who took care of her, gave her new identity and trained her as an assassin/agent. She was orientated and made believed that they kill to protect the government. Until one day, when she saw and uncover the true color of Division (they killed his boyfriend and first love), she decided to turn against them, kill the target but saved Alex (Alexandria Udinov) who is the daughter of her target and make her live. And now, she is trying to put down Division with the help of Michael (his boyfriend who is also an ex-agent of Division), Alex (who’s in season 2 turned them down and used the power of Division to hunt the perpetrator and killer of his father), Birkhoff (the “IT Guy” who I am very hands up with his computer intelligence and capacity) and other characters who also want to turn Division down. They are looking for this black boxes that contain fraud operations of Divisions that once broadcast will affect not only the Division but also the whole world and its leaders, for me it’s like “Pandora’s box”.

The story is about power and how you deal with getting power. It’s an intelligent tv show, among others. Not only that, it also teaches viewers on what to do in case of tactical situations and how to defend one self.

Now, it’s your turn to watch the show. I am certain that you will like it.


Thumbs up! 🙂



Nikita Baby!

THANK GOODNESS PIRATED DVDs WERE BORN! TROLOlsss! I would like to thanked the one who invented it, without him/her, I’m still waiting miserably every Tuesdays for Nikita’s episodes. Ayt! :)) I’m now down to Season 1 and can’t wait for the Season 2 to come.

I have a thought that Alex is more good, in terms of acting, than Nikita. But Nikita is better in action scenes than Alex. Maybe because Alex is more emotional than Nikita and Nikita is more masculine than Alex. I also find Nikita not good in drama scenes. TROLOlsss! I can’t stand seeing her emotional or even in love. Her personality is so strong I can’t see love in her even if Michael and her eyes meets. I also find there kissing scene hilarious! LOL! :))

I have watched all seasons of Prison Break last summer and Nikita’s story has similarities to it. Like the black book (Nikita) and blue book (Prison Break) which both contains secrets. Both main characters also aims to turn down one person.

These kind of stories excites me the most. I would always think ..if I were on their case what will I do? Would I also do the same or not? I salute all behind these kind of TV series. They have class.

Nikita baby at my side 🙂