Staple Music

Everybody hurts.

Everybody cries.

poty punzalan, fatima punzalan

I don’t know any one who does not feel pain in their life. Even the richest ones experienced down days, we know it and they claim it. From rugs to richest, from heartbroken to internationally known artist, such stories of popular people in the world are more often caused by PAIN.


Pain, cliche it is, is inevitable. Like sibling war, irritating office mate, gossips, insecure people and monthly period. Wish we could escape pain, but, I can feel God enclosed us with sense of pain.

Me, I’ve been in a lot of pain. Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, name it! But the worst pain of all is the pain caused by LOVE.

Year ago, I almost lost our father because of stroke. That was the most terrifying feeling I’d ever felt. Heartache caused by broken relationship is nothing compare to the feeling of almost losing a father. Thank God, praise Him, for giving us and my father another chance to go on and be stronger in life and in faith.

Second, is the pain caused by RELATIONSHIP. Five years ago, I was in a rocky relationship. There’s cheating, jealousy and envy. It was crazy and tiring, but, I hold on because I want to fight for it and I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t wrong, everything is worth fighting for.

I’m Wide Awake!

During those dark days of my life and even now, each time I feel pain, one of my remedy is music. Music is a medicine and a best friend to me. Music calms my inner self, as if it can hear my inner thoughts, as if it knew what I am going through (every single bits of what I am going through). It never said any against me, instead, it boost me, it strengthens my mind and emotion.

Slow down, we’re moving fast -Feeling Groovy

When such feeling strikes, I already know what songs that can make me feel better.

If I need to boost myself, Pretty Pretty keeps on repeat.

If I was really in hurt, I Wish I Wasn’t  is on top of the list.

Followed by My Favorite Mistake.

If cheating is happening, It Wasn’t Me is in blast.

Together with  I saw The Sign.

Music keeps us beautiful, inside out. It keeps us rolling no matter how high or deep our path is.

Till next! 🙂


pOtz 🙂


D-I-Y Mousepad

Halu gals & pals!

Today, I’m gonna teach you how to make your own mousepad. Actually, it is very simple to make it will only take you 10-15 minutes to create one. Why I came up with this project? Simple, I don’t want to spend my money on something I can make. The materials used for this are all recycled. So, guys shall we?

For this D-Y-I project, you will be needing the following:

  • Textured fabric like jeans or canvass
  • Cardboard / Illustration board
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Pen
  • Ruler (since I don’t have a ruler the time I made the video, I used rectangle cardboard)

For the instruction, please watch the video below. By the way, this is my first DIY , soooo PLEASE send me some of your love 🙂 This will not be my first and last, I am preparing for another.

Hope you’ll like it! 🙂