Major in Sarcasm

Hallu dolls & pals!

Sarcasm – one that fills my happiness, one that I can’t live without, one that nourishes my smartness, may I just say, haha, and, one that exploits my sense of humor, haha! C’mon! Who doesn’t love SARCASM or being SARCASTIC??? It’s fine people. Sarcasm, in my point of view, is something we should see as smarty funny. It’s half offending, yes, but, it also gives as glimpse of reality, it slaps our face with our stupidity. Admit it, sarcasm is always based in reality, so basically, it came out from our daily stupidity. I also believe that sarcastic people are finest and can thumbs down the negatives in life.

Agree with me if I say “Sarcastic people and those who can understand sarcasm have higher IQ?”

Comedians are sarcastic, right? That’s why there are funny. They have this super power to juiced out the bitterness in life of a living person.

“I have a Masters from the School of Life. I majored in Sarcasm with a minor in Smart Ass”. I’m not there yet, but, I’m willing to, haha! 🙂 I WILL NEVER HAVE FAIL GRADES IN SARCASM, I SWEAR! Living in this world pool of mishap is a great training ground. Everyday we can see and hear something we can turn into sarcasm.

Here are few of the sarcastic quotes I am deeply in love with they stops from functioning in work 😀

Sarcasm is my escape whenever I feel like I’m living down under. Hek! 🙂




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